Welcome to the It's MINE Safe


The It's Mine Safe is the database which stores all the registered information about a users items. They can use the forms below to register on the database and then can update their information, reporting it lost or stolen or delete it if, for example, they sell the item.

Items can also be registered collectively as well as indivually and it's not just for instruments. If you are a touring band you can create an inventory of all your kit including lighting and sound rigs. It's Mine Near Field Communication technologies can be used for anything.

The same for an orchestra or any other touring company. It could incude props as well. The system is designed so that a tour organiser, a tour manager or a music school could act as a single point of contact for being alerted to the recovery or loss of one of the items.

The It's Mine Safe is set to send an email by default to the registered owner if their item is scanned. If it is scanned after being reported lost or stolen then the finder is presented with a form which allows them to contact the owner.

The database does not store an actual password instead it uses something called a 'hash' to store the information. For further information look at the security section above.

Below are examples of the forms that the user is presented with to manage their items stored in the It's Mine Safe. They are only examples and have been deactivated.


Use this form to get a list of your items and change status to lost or stolen or back to reflect their status.


Complete and submit this form to get a list of all your items. You can then delete any that you no longer need.

This is the form that someone who scans an item that has been reported lost or stolen gets presented with.

This item with tag number XXXXXXX has been reported as lost or stolen. You can contact the owner to tell them how to recover the item by using the form below. They will recieve the message as an email.

And, last but not least, here is the registration form. This particular form is for registering music related items such as instruments or sound and lighting rigs hence the musical note.


Your item is not registered. You can register by filling in the form below on the It's Mine safe . Choose a password that should be between 8 and 16 characters long.