Welcome to the It's MINE Safe

The It's Mine Safe is the database which stores all the registered information about your items. You can use the forms below to manage your items, reporting them lost or stolen or delete them if, for example, the item has been sold.


Items can also be registered collectively as well as indivually. If you are a property manager on a theatrical or movie production you can create an inventory of all your props as well lighting or sound rigs. The same for bikes or bands.

The It's Mine Safe is set to send an email by default to the registered owner if their item is scanned. If it is scanned after being reported lost or stolen then the finder is presented with a form which allows them to contact the owner.

The database does not store an actual password instead it uses something called a 'hash' to store the information. For further information look at the security section above.

The forms below allow you to manage the items you have stored in your It's MINE Safe.


Use this form to get a list of your items and change status to lost or stolen or back to reflect their status.


Complete and submit this form to get a list of all your items. You can then delete any that you no longer need.