Welcome to the It's MINE Safe

The It's Mine Safe is the database which stores all the registered information about a customers items. They can use the forms below to manage lots of things, not just musical instruments. reporting them lost or stolen or deleting them if, for example, they no longer own the item.


Items can also be registered collectively as well as indivually. This is designed to allow anyone managing a touring group of musicians in a band or orchestra to manage everything including light and sound equipment. Because the It's Mine Safe is stored in the 'Cloud' it is accessible wherever you are touring.

The It's Mine Safe automatically sends an email to the registered owner if their item is scanned. If it is scanned after being reported lost or stolen then the finder is presented with a form which allows them to contact the owner.

It's My Safe is secure. For example the database does not store an actual password instead it uses something called a 'hash' to store the information. The system is also designed to comply with European Union data protection legislation the General Data protection Regulation (GDPR).

The forms below lets customers manage the items they have stored in their It's MINE Safe.


Use this form to get a list of your items and change status to lost or stolen or back to reflect their status.


Complete and submit this form to get a list of all your items. You can then delete any that you no longer need.

Download Your Data


You can download an Excel spreadsheet of all the items you have registered. This is for people who may want or need to actively manage their things.

This includes people like club organisers, musical tour managers, theatrical property managers, companies that hire out plant and machinery, schools etc.etc.....

We have added some fields to the downloadable file, including things like name and address that will not be stored online on our system.

Once you have downloaded the file you can customise it. If you want to delete a column just highlight it by clicking on the letter above the column. Then right click your mouse in the highlighted area and click 'delete'. If you want to add a column when you right click 'insert'.

One important point. You are not able to upload the updated spreadsheet to the web site. If you want to do something more sophisticated or want to manage more than 100 items then we can do some custom development for you. Call us on +44 (0) 1892 890609.