It's Your Business

We believe that It's Your Business. We start off from a very basic idea. You understand your own business better than we do.

We know loads of stuff about loads of stuff. We know how criminal minds work, we know how they like to operate, what they want to steal and how they normally get rid of it. We also have a pretty good idea of how people become victims. For example most musical instruments are lost, left behind at gigs or public transport rather than stolen.

However we are very aware that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We have no desire to attack marketplaces where we know little and have less experience.


The sort of technology we are using has practical applications for almost every business. It will be the glue that joins together the Internet of Things connecting business and customers in ways that have not been possible before.

Our business model is not to sell direct to the public but to partner with companies who understand their own market and support them in doing so leveraging and deepening their customer relationships.

That is not to say that we are hands off. An important role for us is in developing a sustainable approach targetting a particular sector.

For example we were recently approached by a leading manufacturer of upmarket ladies handbags. They were keen to install tracking devices in handbangs and asked us to come up with some ideas. To them it seemed like a no-brainer.

However the problem is that you are not really tracking a handbag, you are actually tracking it's owner as well. What could easily happen is that you, by installing a tracker which would be Internet enabled, are facilitating stalking of women.

Our approach can be summed up as "Because you can does not mean you should".

We look forward to working with our partners to deliver, practical, profitable and useful solutions. PLease feel free to either call or send an email to me, Alan Macfadyen, Managing Director using the contacts list below.