We've got your number

MINIM is a global standard developed for the music industry. It supports the numbering of musical instruments and equipment using secure technologies and deters counterfeiters, thieves and the buyers of stolen or fake gear.

It lets those involved in the music industry demonstrate a practical duty of care to their customers and to leverage that trust relationship.

At its most basic MINIM provides a unique alphanumeric code which complies with existing international standards which can read by a Android phone or iPhone running Near Field Communication (NFC).

MINIM is supported by a secure database which is checked everytime a chip is scanned for its status, to find out whether or not the item has been reported lost or stolen.

As soon as it has been scanned by the system sends an email alerting the owner as well as recording the network address of the device doing the scanning. This information can be used by police as evidence against a thief in court.

Using MINIM also future proofs your security. All technologies become obsolete eventually. Numbers don't. When the next big thing comes in the one thing that you can guarantee is that it will support a numbering system.

MINIM is one of the It's Mine family of UNITS codes. UNITS stands for Universal Numeric Identity Tagging systems. Read more about them here.

The Human Side


We have gone out of our way to take into account the way that real human beings think and act. We understand how thieves take decisions to steal and why they don't. We also understand how people become victims of theft or loss.

Did you know that who are given phones or laptops by their employer are more liable to have them stolen than things they regard as something they own or are responsible for?

It's MINE or It's My is not only a deterrent for thieves it also acts to make owners or hirers feel more responsible for their items.

For employers combining the signage with a literal signing will make employees feel more responsible for the items you have given them to do their jobs.

The world of behavioral psychology has been influenced by the ideas behind 'Nudging' people into doing the right thing.

So we use a combination of the science behind Nudging, applied behavioral economics and technology to increase the chances of a good outcome.

For more about the evidence behind what we do have a look at the science behind It's Mine.

MINIM is a joint initiative between the Music Industries Association, the representative body for the music industry in the UK and It's Mine Technology.

Our products are designed for sale to music industry professionals.However they can be purchsed by members of the public at the store.


Having an instrument with a MINIM number means that your instrument has a unique ID which can be checked with an Android phone without having to download an app. A hidden NFC will be a nightmare for a thief to find and make it easier to get your instrument back if lost or stolen.


MINIM supports your supply chain, and customer relationship and warranty management. We can either adopt an existing numbering system if you are using an ERP system such as SAP or create a new one. Using MINIM means that you are future proofed no matter what.


Leverage your relationship with your customer by making their instrument more secure. Sell instrument labels such as It's My Guitar or It's My Sax. You can also retrofit chips as an added value service.