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MINIM is designed to give maximum flexibility to the music industry in how they interact with their customers.

The system not only allows customers to manage their music equipment more securely but can also act as a digital bridge to the Internet of Things. Customers could take up online offers, play games, be offered insurance etc, tickets for gigs etc..... Your customers are just a tap away.

NFC is a short range radio system which can read data from a chip without the use of an app. We felt is was important to make the MINIM system independent of downloading any further technology.

The chips we use come in three formats. You choose the one that is right for you. All of them can be read by Near Field Communication on most smartphones.

These are all chips manufactured by NXP, one of the two companies, including Sony who invented NFC. NXP also supply the chip to Apple used for using Apple Pay which runs on NFC in iPhones. The read range is around 1 to 2 cms.

The chips are NXP's NTAG213 which have been pre-programmed by It's Mine.



This transparent chip can be placed on everything but metal surfaces. It can be read through wood, plastic and glass.

If fitted into a violin or a guitar it can be read through the wood of the instrument. It can also be used inside a gig bag or on a protective label on instrument cases.

These are the same chips with a ferrite coating to allow them to be read when on all metallic surfaces.

They are perfect for protecting light and sound rigs as well as on metallic flight cases.

They can also be camouflaged with a covering black label to protect control desks and other kit.

These are for fitting inside things and can be read through wood, plastic and glass.

Use them for embedding in stuff like amplifiers or electric guitar bodies.

For the most effective use make sure you have enough signage so the deterrent effect kicks in.

The Safe

The chips can be programmed to do almost anything using a database running on a centrally managed server.

The Safe is our database system. For the technically minded it uses MySql on Linux. We have kept the database really simple and have set it up to avoid embarrassing hacks. Passwords, for example are not stored in the database. We use a something called a hash which means that what gets stored on the server isn't the password. For a good, non-techie-ish explanation it go here.

You can host this system yourself if you wish or we can do it for you at minimal cost. We would advise medium to large size companies that sell direct to the public to host their own system so the data can be used for analysis.

Below is an example of how a MINIM UNITS code can be constructed. UNITS stands for Universal Numeric Identity T agging Systems. For more information on the UNITS code system click here.


This will be way too complicated for the vast majority of our users. But it is designed to be flexible enough to address the needs of most companies.

If you are everything from a corporate using a serious ERP system to a retailer using an Excel spreadsheet to a one man band using paper and pencil we can meet your requirements.

You decide what you want the system to do and we make it work for you.

If you have a particularly specialist requirement we can further customise the system for you.

Using MINIM does not force you to fit only our chips. For a corporate it would make more sense to have the technology fitted at the point of production.

We will happily licence the use of MINIM and its standards to you for a small fee.

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MINIM is a joint initiative between the Music Industries Association, the representative body for the music industry in the UK and It's Mine Technology.

Our products are for sale to music industry professionals.